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Aperitif cheese appetizers Recipe

Aperitif  cheese appetizers

Recipe Ingredients for Aperitif cheese appetizers

1 Schb semi-hard cheese (eg Innperle), 1
5 cm thick 5 St
Pickled onions 2 tbsp
chopped parsley 1 Schb
Hard cheese (eg Bianco), 1 5 cm thick
1 Schb Blue cheese (such as Regina blu) 1
5 cm thick 1 Schb
Allgäu Emmental (eg Stegmann, Allgäuland cheese) 5 Schb
air-dried ham (50 g) 150 grams
Natural cheese (eg Boniface) 3 tbsp
Cream 1 tbsp
chopped parsley 5 St
Croustadas 5 St
black olives 1 Schb
Cheese with peppers (eg Salrom), 1 5 cm
50 g red onion rings
150 grams Soft cheese with blue mold (eg, Amoroso)
3 tbsp Cream
1 Schb Blue cheese, about ½ inch wide (eg Blou Bayou Dorblu)
3 Schb Pumpernickel
1 Schb Tilsit (eg Paladin), 1
5 cm thick 5 St
blue grapes

Aperitif cheese appetizers Recipe Directions


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