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Pineapple ripe with surprises (Ananas copt cu surprize)

Execution time and complexity: 45 Minu (high complexity)

Pineapple ripe with surprises Ingredients

Ingredients: 450 g over 3 1ananas chilies, 2 bananas, 1mango a lemon, an orange salt, pepper and spices Oriental (or any seasoning) a clove of garlic 120g tomato sauce and rosemary butter 1 onion mararl

Pineapple ripe with surprises Preparation

Cooking: Put the fish slices in a pan with butter and leave to fry, and a tray greased with oil maslime put pineapple (which was removed from the interior composition) and leave 30 minutes. Bananas, portcalele, mango, cut into small pieces with pepper, add tomato sauce, garlic and dill (chopped) all mix well and put the fried fish. When the pineapple is ready to remove and insert the composition of the fish, sprinkle with salt, pepper and bake for another 15 minutes. Good appetite! - Is all too delicious food and favorite Elena Basescu.


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